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Image of kitchen with Qasair Rangehoods 'Argyle Range - Albany'  in stainless steel.
Qasair Rangehood:  'Sapphire Range - Seneca' in 'Persian Blue'

QASAIR have been manufacturing rangehoods in Victoria for over 40 years and are widely recognised as a leader in kitchen ventilation throughout Australia.


The foundation for excellence set by QASAIR designers over 40 years ago still applies today and they continue to find new designs and shapes to set kitchens apart as a fashion statement in todays demanding lifestyles.


QASAIR not only manufacture products that attain the highest standard of performance, but that are also innovative in design.   They also offer a range of coloured stainless steel that will make a fashion statement and add flair and colour to your modern kitchen.


QASAIR boasts perfection with Stainless Steel Type 304 and the option of Marine Grade Stainless Steel when close to salt water locations.


QASAIR Rangehoods are designed and made to remove the four by-products of cooking; heat, steam, grease and odours.


QASAIR Rangehoods feature the two necessary factors:

- Unequaled performance with high air movement eg.;

- 1 motor on Low has an air movement of 450m3/h

- 1 motor on High has an air movement of 900m3/h

- 2 motors on High have an air movement of 1800m3/h

- 3 motors on High have an air movement of 2700m3/h

- and with Extremely low noise level.



QASAIR is presently exported to Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Qasair Rangehood:  'Imperial Range - Majestic' in stainless steel.
Qasair Rangehood:  'Heritage Range' - in stainless steel.
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Image of Elica Star Rangehood
Image of Elica Space EDS Black Rangehood
Image of Elica Ola Red Rangehood

ELICA RANGEHOODS have been recognised at designEx 2008 with the New Product Design Award for Kitchen Appliances. The Elica Collection is the first high quality line of air extraction products to integrate design, lighting and air purification.


Elica is an Italian brand synonymous with superior performance and designs.  A unique super compact “all in one” extraction system patented by Elica, combines highly efficient air extraction with beautiful design. Elica has revolutionised the world of home ventilation.


Stand back and get ready to be dazzled by the future in kitchen appliances.


The Elica Collection revolutionises air extraction from functional workhorse to a glamorous, chic and sophisticated addition to any space. Stand back and get ready to be dazzled by the future in kitchen appliances.


Design is the unifying element and guiding philosophy of the entire Elica Collection. Universally acclaimed for its radically innovative appearance, Elica Collection transforms a kitchen into a unique and distinctive environment.


Today, Elica Collection products are far more than simple air extraction fans for domestic kitchens: they are key personalities that define the environment they are installed in.



Download the Elica Catalogue in .pdf

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Image of Kitchen with Fagor Appliances
Image of Kitchen with Fagor Appliances

FAGOR APPLIANCES have been the trusted brand for over 25 years in many of Australia's top restaurant kitchens.


Let Fagor, the #1 brand in France and Spain, help you cook like a chef at home.


"Smart Design geared towards

eco-friendly performance"


Fagor believes in designing appliances that consistently perform when you need them to. We strive to offer appliances that are ultra reliable and energy efficient, giving you the freedom to spend less time worrying about your chores and more time living your life.


We are a leader in home appliance manufacturing, using the most cutting edge technology and modern design innovations with an ever-constant focus on eco-friendly living.


Not only are Fagor market leaders in domestic appliances, they proudly supply appliances in commercial kitchens throughout the world.


All Fagor appliances come with a standard full 3 year parts and labour warranty.


Ovens - Cooktops - Rangehoods - Coffee Makers - Dishwashers - Cookware - Sinks & Taps

Download PDF catalogue.

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Euro Appliances - Italian Quality

Italian quality

Euro Appliances - Italian Design

Italian design

Euro Appliances - Italian Lifestyle

Italian lifestyle

EURO APPLIANCES - where Italian design and quality come together in a range perfect for Australian lifestyles.  With home grown service and knowledge to guarantee satisfaction.


Euro Appliances bring European quality into your kitchen backed by Euro's associate manufacturers in northern Italy who have been producing premium cooking products for over 50 years.


The Euro Appliances team has conducted extensive research over the past 12 months working with our network of nationwide retail partners and we are proud to deliver the latest range of quality European cooking appliances - the Sienna Series - using the latest design features and innovative technology.


The Sienna Series provides a total kitchen solution - Euro oven and cooktops will cook the perfect meal, Euro dishwashers will take care of the washing up.


The Euro Appliances Air Extraction Series provides the perfect complement to match the cooking and dishwashing Euro products, or with little or no branding it will match with any appliance you may have.


Under cupboard, canopy, island or BBQ rangehoods.  Fixed, slide-out or mounted under, there is a solution for nearly all situations.  There is even a new small model, 52cm wide, for replacement in older style settings or smaller kitchens.


Dishwasher safe filters are designed for easy cleaning.


Our Euro Appliances are backed with a 2 year warranty.



Download a pdf of the Euro Appliance Sienna Series Brochure.

Download a pdf of the Euro Air Extraction Brochure.

Download the Euro Valencia Range of Appliances Brochure.

Download a pdf file of the Euro Valencia Range of Appliances.


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